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Default Safety Tips

These tips will help you stay safe on Meez, and the wider internet.
Teens especially are encouraged to follow them, to ensure their experience stays safe and fun.

(1) Don't share passwords
Anyone who asks for your password is trying to steal your account.
Don't help them rip you off! Keep your password secret.
Anyone asking for your password should be reported.
Real Meez employees / admins will never ask you for your password.

(2) Don't share personal information
Meez is for creating and connecting online. Be safe.
Don't share your address, phone number, or other personally identifying information.

(3) Don't share embarrassing information
How would you feel if your parents read what you are writing?
Well, they might! What you post on Meez may be public for a very long time.
Don't say anything you might regret later.

(4) Beware of scam sites
There are some sites which promise you coinz, vip, or cash.
These sites are scams, out to steal your password and personal information.
Do not fall for these scams!

(5) Don't arrange meetings with strangers
You can't be certain who you're talking to on the internet.
So, don't arrange real-life meetings with anyone you know from the internet, except under strict supervision from your parents.

(6) Don't lie about your age
Doing so makes it harder for you to make real friends, and exposes you to risk.

(7) Don't respond to nasty comments or actions
On the internet, some people enjoy fighting with others for no reason.
If someone makes a nasty comment to you, they may be trying to draw you into a pointless fight.
Don't fall for it! Refuse to be drawn in. Instead, move away, and use the "ignore" option.

(8) Don't hide your online activity from your parents
If you are under 18, your parents are there to help and protect you.
They can only do that if you're honest about your experiences and feelings.
Keep them in the loop. Listen to their advice.
It isn't always easy, but it is helpful, and you may even get to teach them things.
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