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Default How to get puffin to work again for meezmaker.

Hello, I haven't been able to use it either, but I found a way to use it because puffin didn't want to work so this is what I did if you own an Android phone go onto google play, then go to the puffin browser app and go all the way to the bottom it will say something about being a beta tester for the new puffin app sign up wait 5 minutes then uninstall the old puffin once the old puffin is uninstalled install the beta version of puffin once everything is installed simply go to meezmaker and it will work! I hope I helped.
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Default Re: How to get puffin to work again for meezmaker.

Well it's working for me now without that so I guess it's been fixed. Going out of your way to make a tutorial for others is still a good deed though.

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