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Default A guide to the forums for MeezNationers

Welcome to the forums!

As you may have guessed, the forums are very different to MeezNation.

This guide helps MeezNationers get familiar with the forums.

(1) How are the forums organized?

Unlike MeezNation, where you can talk about anything anywhere, the forums are grouped by topic.
So, there is one "Suggestions" forum for all suggestions about Meez, one "Site Questions" forum for all questions about Meez, and so on.
In general, if you're not sure where to put something, put it in the "Lounge", our general chat forum.
Before posting, it is worth double-checking that you're posting in the right place. Misplaced posts/threads may be moved.

(2) Explain the difference between "forum", "thread", "post", etc?

The "forums" means all of the individual forums combined.
A "forum" is an individual area of the forums, such as "Meez News", "Site Questions", or "Suggestions".
A "sub-forum" is a forum within a forum, such as "Admin Questions" which is a sub-forum of "Site Questions". Click on "Site Questions", and you will see it in there.
A "thread" is a topic of discussion within a forum. This thread, for example, is called "A Guide to Forums for MeezNationers", and is in the Site Questions forum.
Tip: do not confuse "forum" and "thread". You can "start a thread in the forums". You cannot "start a forum".
A "post" is a reply to a thread. This thread has no replies, but normal threads where people discuss things will have replies by other Meezers.

(3) What do people talk about in the forums?

Most forums have their own topic. E.g: the roleplay forums are dedicated to Meezers roleplaying with each other.
The open forums, such as the Lounge, are for general chit-chat amongst Meezers.

(4) How are conversations in the forums different from in MeezNation?

MeezNation is a "live" chat environment. You write something, and other people write back instantly. On the other hand, conversations tend to be over in minutes.
The forums are different. You write something, and may get a reply anywhere from minutes later, to weeks later. Conversations in the forums can go on for months, if they're popular enough.

MeezNation is a casual chat environment. People discuss whatever is on their minds, but it is not generally thought out in advance.
The forums are different. In the forums, discussions tend towards people posting personal stories, debates, involved roleplays, and other things thought out in advance.

(5) How do I put images, links, etc into my post?

Use the image (mountain) and link (globe with a chain) buttons when writing your post.

(6) What is a signature ("siggy") and how do I get one?

A signature is a block of text and/or images which automatically shows up at the bottom of your posts.
Meezers use these to show off their artwork, their posts, or anything else they like.

Once you reach level 5, the new option "Edit Signature" will appear in the "SETTINGS" menu of the forums.
You need to be at least level 5 (as shown on your posts) to get a text signature, and a much higher level to get signatures with images.

(7) How do I reach a higher level?

Post. Reply to other Meezers' threads, or start your own.
Support other Meezers, and get supported.

Most things that you do in the forums increase your level. Posting, though, is the main way to level up.

Your level, and your "level up %" are shown on all your posts.
Every hour in which you've posted, your level up % will increase a bit.
When it gets to 100%, you gain a level, and the level up % goes back to 0%.

Note that you only level up by actively participating.
Merely browsing the forums without posting / doing anything won't cause you to level up.

(8) Why can't I post in a certain forum?

Some forums only allow certain people to post.
For example, "Meez Newz" only allows admins (Meez employees) to create or reply to threads.
Official contests only allows admins to create threads, but anyone can reply to a thread.
If you can't post in one specific forum, that's probably why.

(9) What are "private messages"?

Private Messages (also called "PMs") are a messaging system in the forums.
They are mainly used by forum regulars, and Meez itself to send automated notices.
They are completely separate from the normal site messages you send from your friends list.

If you send someone a forum PM, it will show up for them when they're browsing the site, but the counter of messages they have won't go down after reading it. They'll have to logout / login again before the counter of unread messages goes back to 0.

Forum PMs also allow you to insert images and links into your PMs, something that is not possible with normal site messages.

(10) What should I NOT do?

Just as in MeezNation, there are some things that annoy many people, and are to be avoided.
The big ones are:
  • Don't post a new thread that's very similar to an existing thread.
  • Don't post lots of extremely short posts (less than two lines).
  • Don't post lots of new threads at the same time in the same forum.
  • Don't post to try to get people to come to your room / party.
  • Don't post threads to try to get people to rate you 5/5.
  • Don't post in the wrong forum - take the time to select the right forum first.
  • Don't post threads directed towards a specific person. Just message them instead.
  • Don't use a lot of smileys ( ). One per paragraph of text is plenty!
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