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Default Re: Domination and Manda

Damen gives a small nod and chuckles when she brings up cuddling up with him and going to sleep. "Okay, I definitely won't mind that." He says as he looks down at her and letting her cuddle up against him. He didn't mind it one bit. He liked this girl and it was about time to came face to face with his feelings and by the way she wasn't freaking out and yelling at him for trying to get close like this, he was taking this as a good sign. Well, he hoped it was a good sign. "Are you enjoying the vacation so far?" He questions with a smile on his face. It was a pretty fun vacation, just going out and doing whatever they felt like, going wherever they wanted.

Ivy looks over at Lex and giggles, "Who said I ever trust you?" She asks, tilting her head to the side with a small giggle before looking over and seeing a sign s saying how the rest stop was not coming up soon. "But I guess I can this one time." She says with a small laugh before looking out the window, tucking her feet under herself. After a while she sees the rest stop and grins, happy that they were finally there for the night. "Now, time to relax!" Ivy gets up and heads over to the couch where the other two were sitting and just plops right down on top of them, blocking their show from the both of them. "Hello." She turns around and faces her best friend with a laugh.
"The most wasted day is one without laughter."

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