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Default social anxiety

What is social anxiety? Social anxiety is the extreme feeling of fear.. Uncontrollable. When you are in a social situation it will trigger your social anxiety. But in our daily lives we need to interact to other people.. In different people. But how can we interact them if we have these social anxiety? Are just accept the fact that. We are weak. Can't socialize? Nope, infact we can change our self. Into social bubbly. And we can find our self comfortable in social situation. But how? I know its not easy. But we have to face are fears. And before we face it we need to know the cause of our anxiety. And then.. Try to fix it. And another tips. You need to be confident.. Not easy i know it. But you can.. Just be true to yourself. Don't be afraid to be embarassed.. Its part of our lives.. And when u lose bet again.. When u fall.. Stand up.. I mean just try and try. Discipline your self.. Change your hobbies try to lose wieght.. If ur overweight.. Try to gain weight if ur underweight.. Try to connect nature go travel around the world.. And appreciate ur self..
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