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Default Cash items (and coinz/vip mail-in orders)

How do I buy VIP, MeezCash, Coinz, Cash, or Cash Items by mail order?

Use our mail order form.

Which cash items can I mail in for?

You can mail in for any item on this list.

Anything else I should know?

A few things:
  1. Orders may take up to two weeks to reach us, depending on the speed of the post. We can't give you a more exact estimate, because the speed of the post varies a lot.
  2. DO NOT put physical, metal coins in the envelope with your order. We don't accept them, and they will cause the envelope to tear apart in the post, probably getting your whole order lost! We are not liable for orders lost in transit.
  3. Make sure you include payment (cash, check, or money order made out to Meez), your envelope is well-sealed, has your return address on it, and is properly stamped. If in doubt, ask your parents, or someone at the post office, to check it for you.
  4. It is your responsibility to make sure everything on the order form is accurate, especially the username / login name of the account you are mailing in for, as well as your contact details, so we can reach you if there is a problem.

International Orders

You CAN mail in from outside the USA.
There are a few more things to know, though:
  1. Orders mailed from outside the USA take longer to arrive. Allow 2-4 weeks for these.
  2. We only accept US dollars. Foreign currencies are not accepted, but you can go to your local bank or currency exchange to exchange them for US Dollars, which we will accept. You can also ask your bank for a money order made out in US Dollars. Since there may be a small fee for doing either of these, it is a good idea to combine as much of what you want as possible into one order, to minimize the fee the bank will charge for exchange. We advise against using cash for international orders.
  3. You will need to add "USA" to the bottom of our address (on the front of the envelope), and the name of your country to the bottom of the return address.
  4. You will also need to make sure that you put enough postage on the envelope for it to get to us, as international post costs more. If in doubt about how much, ask at your post office.

How will I know when the stuff I ordered has been added to my account?

For VIP/Coinz purchases, the VIP/Coinz will appear on your account the next time you log out and back in again.
For cash item purchases, they will appear in your closet.

You should also get a private message saying that your order was completed.
You can check your private messages here:

What's this I hear about a Birthday Discount?

If you mail in an order within the approximately two week period before your birthday, you get 25% OFF everything you buy. This includes VIP, Coinz, Cash and specific items.
In order to qualify for this huge discount:
  • You must be mailing in within the approximately two week period before your birthday.
  • You must be mailing in for the account you are currently logged in as.
  • You may not have used this discount within the past calendar year.
  • The discount must appear on the mail-in order form you send us.
Please note that as with all mail orders, prices are still rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. So, for example, an order for $97 would be discounted to $74, and orders for $98, $99 and $100 would be discounted to $75.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, but we cannot offer any refunds on mail-in orders.

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