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Default Suggestion Guidelines: READ ME BEFORE MAKING A SUGGESTION!

Suggestions which do not stick to these guidelines may be closed or deleted.

(1) Only ONE (1) item/suggestion per thread!
Please, don't post a bunch of different ideas in the same thread.
Put each item/suggestion in a different thread.

(2) No copyrighted/trademarked items
If it is copyrighted, trademarked, etc, then you're not allowed to suggest it.
  • If it has a company logo or brand on it, we can't make it (e.g: shoes with a Nike logo)
  • If it uses a company's character, we can't make it (e.g: any character from a movie, TV series, book, or comic)
  • If it uses a company's concept or idea, we can't make it (for example, we couldn't make up a new Care Bear, Transformer, or Star Wars character and claim it was OK just because the character was new - the concepts of the Care Bears, Transformers, etc are owned by someone else)
While we may add some copyrighted items at times (e.g: Rocawear & NBA items) we don't take suggestions for them.

(3) Explain what you want - give legible details

Please explain exactly what you want, in legible English.
If you're not sure what you want, think about it until you are.
If you have trouble with spelling, use a spellchecker, and don't include ANY word that is not recognized by the dictionary.

(4) If possible, provide a pictures - front and back

If suggesting an MeezMaker/shop item, providing a picture of the item is very helpful.
Even more helpful is providing two pictures - one of the front of the item, and one of the back of the item.

(5) No items that change shape, are see-through, or glow
If it changes shape in any way, we can't make it. Examples:
  • Slap Bracelets - they change shape from a rectangular strip to a circular bracelet
  • Indiana Jones Whips - they change shape during use, and the idea of Indiana Jones is copyrighted anyway
If it is see-through, or partly see-through, we can't make it. Examples:
  • Anything made of clear plastic
  • Anything made of netting with large holes in it
If it glows, we can't make it. Examples:
  • Glow sticks
  • A glowing halo

(6) Use the Support Button, instead of posting 'support'

When we are looking for popular suggestions, we search the suggestions forum, based on how many people have clicked the 'support' button under the post.
The support button looks like this:

If you reply with 'support', rather than using the support button, YOUR SUPPORT WILL NOT BE COUNTED.
If you're creating a thread, and you want it to be noticed, it is a good idea to ask people to use the support button to support you, rather than replying with "support".

(7) Use the right prefix when creating the thread

Almost all suggestions will fit into one of the prefixes listed when you try to start a new thread.
Any suggestion about clothes, animations, backgrounds, hairstyles, or anything else that you can put on your Meez, should use the 'MeezMaker' prefix.
For those that you're sure don't fit into any other category, you can use the 'General' prefix.
Don't be lazy and just file it under "General" because you could not be bothered to choose the right prefix!

(8) Use a descriptive title for the thread

If someone can't tell what your thread is about, just by reading the title, they probably won't read the thread.
Worse, if an admin sees a suggestion with a very vague title, like 'um' or 'support this!' or 'CHECK IT OUT', then they're likely to close/delete the thread without even reading it!

You should make sure your title explains what you want, using key words.

For example, if you are suggesting a guitar that you could buy for your personal room, then your thread title could be something like:
  • guitar that meez can play
  • animated guitar
  • avatar playing guitar
  • guitar for personal rooms

These are all good titles because anyone who is viewing the list of threads can tell what you want without having to read the thread. This is good, because it means your post is more likely to get a useful reply, and get one sooner.

People like it when they can tell what your thread is about by reading the title.

Don't use titles like these:
  • omg lets have this...
  • a suggestion...
  • my suggestion
  • meez wishlist
  • so, I was thinking...
  • can we have
  • so...
  • more stuff
  • important
  • please read!!!
  • for lucy
  • click here
If someone can't tell what your thread is about by reading the title, they probably aren't going to read your thread.

So, please use descriptive keywords in your thread title.

Bad titles (like 'a suggestion') may well be changed without warning.
Truly awful titles (like 'click here', 'please read', 'important' or '=)' will result in the suggestion thread being deleted without warning.

Again, if you make your thread title something vague/spammy, like ">>>CLICK ME<<<", or "my suggestion, support!", we may delete it!

(9) Search before starting a new thread
Searching for existing threads is a very good idea. Someone might have proposed the same thing before... And if they have, you can support their thread instead of creating a new one. This helps to keep everything organized.
To search for suggestions, use this link to do an advanced search, making sure that 'suggestions' is the only forum selected in the forum list.

(10) Don't re-propose declined ideas
When you search for your idea, you may find an existing, closed thread where one of the Meez team said the idea wasn't doable.
Do not re-propose ideas that were rejected previously.

(11) Don't re-propose "dead" threads
If a thread already exists for a certain suggestion, don't create a new one.
No matter how old the existing thread is, it is always better to reply to the existing thread than to create a new one on the same topic.

(12) Don't mark your item as non-VIP, VIP-only, unisex, available in all colors, or to be sold at a certain price

Doing any of these things will likely result in your suggestion being closed or deleted.
Even if we don't close the thread, and do end up making the item, these comments won't affect its availability or pricing.
So, please don't include them.
Similarly, please don't create threads asking for items to be made cheaper, or for VIP-only items to be made available to everyone.

You *can*, however, create a suggestion thread asking for an existing male item to be made available for females, or for an existing female item to be made available for males.

You *can* also create a thread asking for a *specific* item to be made available in a specific color.

Finally, you *can* ask for a specific feature to be made VIP-only, though you can't ask for a MeezMaker/RoomzMaker item to be made VIP-only.

(13) No "Bumping"
Please don't post short messages with the intention of bumping a thread to the top of the list.
There is no need for this.
Whenever someone supports the first post of your suggestion thread, the thread is automatically bumped to the top of the list. So, if your thread is popular, and gets lots of support, then that support will naturally keep it at the top of the list.
If it doesn't get any support, then it doesn't deserve to be at the top of the list anyway, and you trying to keep it there is just going to irritate everyone.

If you want to promote your suggestion, a good way to do so is to put a link to it on your profile, or (if you are a forum regular) in your signature.

(14) No suggestions that match any of these:

  • Adding any new game
  • Having games pay out more
Reason: As we move to Beta, the games section is being phased out, and replaced with new ways to earn coinz.

Pricing / Sales
  • Reducing prices on anything.
  • Selling something that currently costs $ (US Dollars) for anything other than $.
  • Making VIP items / features available for non-VIPs, even for a short period of time.
  • Being able to buy MeezCards outside the USA
Reason: we need the money from US Dollar sales to pay for Meez' operating costs. Anything that reduces our $ income hurts Meez.

Avatars / MeezMaker
  • Making all MeezMaker items unisex
  • Being able to wear multiple hairstyles (or piercings, or any other item) at once
  • Being able to sell back / get any form of refund on items you have previously bought in the MeezMaker
  • Limited Edition items to be sold again
  • Being able to change TWO colors of an item (not just one)
  • Shorter / taller Meez avatars
Reason: the MeezMaker is complicated, and big changes to the way it works are unfortunately not practical right now.

  • Being able to give Coinz to other people
  • Getting more free Coinz (even on special occasions, like holidays, birthdays, etc)
  • Being able to get a refund of any coinz you spent, anywhere on the site
Reason: just as in real life, adding more money to the economy causes prices to increase (inflation). Not adding more coinz keeps prices more stable.

  • Being able to get MeezCash for anything other than US Dollars
Reason: again, we depend on the income from selling MeezCash to keep online, so we can't afford to do this.

  • Any sort of interactive animation between avatars in MeezNation (like hugs, high-fives, etc)
Reason: unfortunately, our current technology does not support this, and isn't expected to within the next few years.

Bringing Things Back
  • Bringing back the old makeup packages
  • Bringing back the banned users list
  • Bringing back bumping
  • Anything to do with the media box
Reason: we don't remove things lightly. If we remove something, there was an overwhelming reason to do so. Given such a reason, removed things won't come back.

Bans / Rules
  • Anything related to bans.
  • Anything related to rule changes.
Reason: we'd love not to have to ban anyone, unfortunately, bans have proven to be the only effective way to ensure the rules are followed.
Any suggestions you have about bans or rule enforcement in general should be sent to angiemeez, via PM.

  • Allowing you to use your support button more often
  • Allow you to set custom fonts and/or colors for all your forum posts, without having to manually set them in each post
  • Adding a forum, or sub-forum
Support buttons are limited to prevent spam & ensure supports are meaningful.
We won't add permanent custom fonts/colors for posts, because they'd make the forums hard to read.
There is insufficient demand to justify any new subforums.

(15) Don't put support counts in your suggestion's title

Titles like "such-and-such [101 supports]" or are not OK.

(16) Don't encourage "favor" or traded supports

Don't encourage people to support your suggestion for any reason other than liking it.
For example, don't encourage them to support it as a favor, or repayment of a favor, to you.

(17) Meez Usage Rule

We are not obliged to use any suggestion.
If we do choose to use a suggestion, we may do so in any way, as we see fit.
Our use of a suggestion does not entitle the suggester to anything. For example, they are not entitled to attribution or compensation.

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madmike12345, maemay002, mafiacutie, magical_wafflez, main_bytch_, makemesmile44_v4, make_drue_smile, maknae, dahuzi, mamafresh13, manga_drag, mar5hal, maraee, marcyella_01, marebearbeatdown, marisoly, marley-j, HisMamitaa, masquara-hottie, massacre-horror, massie_twin13, masterofswag110, master_hyperg, mccartygunner, mckenzie_iz_baqz, mcrystal46, meezjustice, meezlover_16, meez_joshua, megan_1457, melanieee_, melbby, meme_gone_bad, meme_princess014, meowmeowluv, merandian, metallozzychick, GrandEloquence, me_loves_elmo, quirks, michaelloveu, mickeymouse21, mid-get-gem, midnight_colorz, Sarbear-, -UnknownXVII, mimmy14, mindfrek19, AustraIian, mini_love4, mint_amethyst, mirelalaka, miss-murderr, miss59, missmurder10001, miss_kay09, miss_spunk100, misty_bunny, mizz-lovely-girl, mizzlovelee, x_FRIGGY_x, mizz_krazy_3, mizz_pat, mokona00, monicatofineforu, monie_babz, moonlight13k, moon_hawk, mrs-lazy-pants1, NatGotStacks, mr_smooth122, msrichamerica, ms_la_la_shawty, ms_swagga_babiie, mtv-, mulderiggirl, musicdenisha12, fawns, -UnknownJuuuh, x-Miss_Lover-x, my_name_here10, mz-jazzybabii, mzbahddaxzz, mzdanae123, mzmilan, mzpoppinton_, mzz_cutie101, mz_bozzy13, mz_bumblebee706, mz_jayjay1, mz_sexii546, m_sloan, nadn, naenaeprince27, nameway, namiziracandy, nana_rawrz, narutochic77777, natahsha, natalie1489, natalie2424, natty_owns_matty, neenoboi, nelly_babi, neon_noodles_xo, nessa_says_rawr2, neyla_25, nickihoes, nick_rawwr, nicolemarie_92, nightperson, niiinja_xd, nike935011, nike935012, nikitana, niki_attack, nikkidee0410, nikki_ikki55, EternallyYours-, no-imnotmad, noodlesarewiggly, --Hakuna, noshi191, YouBrokeStevie, not_my_fault, nurse_leyla, nyami-rose, IMadeYou_Kat, o-m-g_ihts-bree, obeykiadoe, obeythis, obey_candi_devil, offical_gurl24, oh-itsjustin, oh_mii_lord, oh_mii_lovebug, omfg-ima-alpaca, URLBADMAN, omgjelloz, omgxcrayons, omgz_diana, TatsOnMyArm, omg_its_jared, omigeshrawr, only_hope-, onrio, ooemosketchedoo, Page, ore0_luver3, organ_abduction, p4nnel, Y0NCE, paperandpencil, papi_sexii17, partypad10, paulina787, peaceeout_0, penicilsrpointy8, penny90, iBeDorkin, phoebe-123456, piggdabest, pigpalz09, piiico, pimppo, pinky4516, pinkyliz, pinky_pink_meez, pippyredhead, pip_was_nice, pixgirl359, pjay3, pkbitch, pogonotomy, poison-at-heart, pookie_x3, pop-a-roxy, Iegendary, popprincess19, preazike1, preciousdimples, prettygirlinc3, prettygurlrocer, prettygurl_freak, princesscutepie1, prinzezrune, ps_titanic13, puccebear, puertoricanxbby, punky9on5, purpleloka28, purplelovato, pwincess4dance, qorqeous-, qu33n_awesomee, quadettekat, quaint-shirley, queenoftheashes, queenz_of_heartz, queen_smile, quileutewolfgirl, quita_got_hacked, qummi_wormz, r33nni3, endlesstwist, raad-, rachaelbugg, rachelrocks21, raechrislove, rain100, rainb0w_co0kiie, s4ne, R4INB0W_199514, rainbow_world16, randomness_duh, rashawnbigr, ravennnnnnnnnnn, rawk_punk_honey, rawr-imma-sarah, rawr_alexis, rawr_evil_taco, rawr_goes_jass, rawr_imma_kitten, rawr_im_edgar, 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shaylie_love, shay_iz_back, sha_the_queen18, sheree97, shexiiskittlez, shey_bay_bay_xx, shinya_is_back, shod3, -OctobersVeryOwn, siarh101, siarlie, Xo-HeartTaken_oX, DaBoxGhost, silent_steve, silver_thorn, simgirl1, sissyducky, sk8er_girl818, skatelife132, skatergirl8888, skittelzrocks, skull-_-gang1, skullz33, ThePurge_Daya, slavetohell97, smg123, snuggles636, soft-n-swift, souljaboyfan122, soul_unleashed, PINK_Couture_x3, sour__or__sweet, Flyy_Ahh_CIARA, spaceolympics4u, spaygirl, spazzpunk21, sportychic317, spy_madonna, stapled_paper, starstarr, steph_the_best_1, stormy-blue, stormy-blue-rose, rebloom, BeyonddComparee, stylfresh, stylin_1234, suanreid, sunny_flower, super-panda_rox, superfly143, supershe, swagg-tew, swaggacookie, swaggakid_23, swagga_all_day_8, swagged_out_wolf, swaggertyreese10, swagging_chick, swagginkid, sweet-ivory, sweetbaby2u, sweetmeez130, sweety_tweety925, swissdisskid, sydneythe18girl, t3h_s3xc_m4mi, take_me_out12345, takreader, talnaysiam, 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_2swagg4u_, _3hunna_money, _aaron_123456, _al3x_got_swag, MrJayMacy, _ashes_fall_, -FOREIGN-, _ballaholic_, _bea4_got_banned, _bella246_, _blindkidshadow_, HeDopeAF, _d-angelo_, _dima__, _dineroigot_, _dr3am3r_, _d_e_r_e_k_, BigDaddyAndria, Togedemaru, _gehtto_barbie_, _hello-kitty_omg, _ii-mario-ii_, _i_luv_bacon, _jaleyn_, _keylaaaxo, _kisha_, TayMeowCxx, _left-eye, _lexy411, NoLoveAllowed-, _l_ryan_l_, _m-a-r-c-u-s_, _medina_savage_, _prettymeez_, _ring_pop_x3, _rollup_, _screw-the-world, _smexy_crazy, _t1p-t0p_sw4gg_, _tocute123_, YouDucks, _vintage-ribbon_, _woahxitsxkarli_, _xoxo-boo-xoxo_, _xxjakestarxx_, _x_x_ikingz_x_x_, RottenTomatoes, __kj_meez__, __lissa__, Iittle, __xsnookie__x, -Delicate

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