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Default Animations in Meez Nation

Hi there! As I have met some meezers in Meez Nation who came and asked me how to laydown, kick etc. Also, I have seen some were asked in the Forum Questions. So, here is a guide which I hope it could be of assistance for meezers who need to find out:
  1. WHERE to get Meez Nation animations;
  2. WHO sell these animations;
  3. WHAT animations are available; and
  4. HOW to use them in Meez Nation.

Arcadia Holiday Street East Side

Look for HolidayGreeter who sells these animations:

Arcadia Holiday Street West Side

Look for HolidayGreeter who sells these animations:

Black Hearts Ball

Look for Helena Troy who sells these animations:


Coca-Cola Screening Room

Look for the Vending Machine for this FREE animation - Coca Cola Backflip:

Unfortunately, this animation is no longer available [updated on 29th Dec 2011]

East Main Street

Look for Chaz Ombre who sells this animation:

Little Wedding Chapel

Look for RobinLove who sells these animations:

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria

Look for Miley Cyrus for this FREE animation:

Susumu Dojo

Look for Sensei Susumu who sells these animations:


Coco Loco

Conch Bay Fish House

Roscoe's Daily Brew

Siesta Beach

Zoe's Zen Retreat

Look for Dread Wailer (in any of the above hangouts) who sells these animations:

Chillax Canyon Park

Look for Russell Flex who sells these animations:

Party Island

Look for CrazyTom who sells these animations:


Yacht Deck Party

Look for Trevin who sells these animations:

Hellís Kitchen

Jaaku Dojo

Look for Sensei Jaaku who sells these animations:

Meez Hills

Carnival of Terrors - Fortune Teller's Wagon

Look for FortuneTeller who sells this animation:

Carnival of Wonders - Ballyhoo Freak Show

Look for Ringmaster who sells these animations:

Macabre Mansion - Banquet Hall

Look for Green Lightning who sells these animations:

Macabre Mansion - Forgotten Attic

Look for Misty who sells these animations:

Meez Academy - Under the Stars Prom

Look for Muffy Hastings who sells these animations:

Meez Mall - Baby Bling

Look for Lilí Loco who sells these animations:

Meez Mall - Dark Attic

Look for Graven Everdark who sells these animations:

Mercy Hill Hospital - East Wing Recovery Ward

Mercy Hill Hospital - West Wing Recovery Ward

Look for Nurse Abigail (in any of the above hangouts) who sells these animations:

Mercy Hill Hospital - Emergency Entrance

Look for Zombella who sells these animations:

Mercy Hill Hospital - The Morgue

Look for Dr Vlad who sells these animations:

Public School #13 - PS13 Sidelines

Look for Buffy who sells this animation:


Polar Bear Club

Look for ShiverKid who sells this animation:

Posh Heights

Cazzie Dance Studio

Look for Mel Z who sells these animations:


Baby Bling

Cafe Moby

Look for Lilí Loco (in any of the above hangouts) who sells these animations:

Rock with BANDSLAM!

Look for Sa5m for this FREE animation:

Unfortunately, this animation is no longer available [updated on 28th Jun 2012]

The After Party

Look for Ivana B Star who sells these animations:

Uptown Holiday Street

Look for HolidayGreeter who sells these animations:

Uptown Street

Look for G Boogie who sells this animation:

How To Use Them?

Once you have bought an animation, click on your username OR the animation icon, you should see a menu appears. The animation you have just bought should be there. Just select to the one you wish to use and your avatar would perform that particular animation

Exclusive VIP Animations

Pre 01 Aug 2012

Post 01 Aug 2012


Blow Kiss - Left & Right

Breakdance, Layside, The Jerk, VIP Flirt


Blow Kiss - Left & Right, Breakdance

Layside, The Jerk, VIP Flirt

VIP Monthly Animations

Feb: Blow Kiss
Mar: Invisibility
Apr: Glow Gold
May: Levitate
Jun: Levitate (extended)
Jul: Lay Side
Aug: Sparkling
Sep: Shrink
Oct: Ghost
Nov: Turkey
Dec: Snowing

Jan: Stanky Leg
Feb: Raining Hearts
Mar: Leprechaun
Apr: The Jerk
May: Bling Bling
Jun: Invert
Jul: Glow Red, White & Blue
Aug: Caramelldansen
Sep: My Dougie
Oct: Vampire Bat
Nov: Queasy
Dec: Freezing

Jan: Chilling on a Cloud
Feb: Be Mine
Mar: Breakdance
Apr: Easter Bunny
May: Brush Your Shoulders Off
Jun: Levitate
Jul: Cat Daddy
Aug: Caramelldansen
Sep: Hammer Dance
Oct: The Creep Dance
Nov: Superhero Floating
Dec: Christmas Shuffle

Jan: Show Off My Grillz
Feb: Heart Hand Sign
Mar: Freak Out
Apr: April Showers
May: Casual Sit
Jun: Single Ladies
Jul: Red, White & Blue Glow
Aug: Tea Time
Sep: The Robot
Oct: Disturbed
Nov: Autumn Leaves
Dec: Christmas Lights

Special thanks to the above Meezers who kindly performed these exclusive VIP animations (thank you so much guys!). All these exclusive VIP animations only come with the VIP Meez Membership. And so, you will not find anyone selling these animations in any hangouts in the Meez Nation

Special Notes

Note 1: MeezMaker animations can only be used in your profile whereas MeezNation animations can only be used in MeezNation/Roomz.

Note 2: Any VIP animations that are purchased in MeezNation will stay with you even after your VIP Meez Membership expires.

Note 3: Click Here - if you are looking for trigger animations such as lol, ommm, yay etc.

Note 4: Please keep an eye on the Meez Newz forum for any new release of Meez Nation animations in my absence.

Note 5: These seasonal animations - Halloween Candy Corn Drops and Vampire Bat are not available at the moment; they may be back when the right season arrives again.

Note 6:

Note 7:

Note 8:

Please let me know if I have missed anything, thanks

Special Acknowledgement

A very big THANK YOU to all of you who have supported this thread throughout the years! You guys are exceptionally fabulous

Once again, thank you all for the continued and wonderful support <33

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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Wow, this is the best individual animation directory so far. :]
Make me.
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

I bought a dance but it doesnt work in the roomz
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Ohlala! There has been directories made before but it wasn't as clear and precise as what you did very greatly awesome!! Congrats to that, very good initiative you had! That'll surely help a lot of meezers!
ps you eserved my support for how great it is!
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

thatdumbdiary wrote: View Post

Wow, this is the best individual animation directory so far. :]


tiiera_bby wrote: View Post

i bought a dance but it doesnt work in the roomz

Which dance did you buy?
Did you get it from "MeezMaker" or "MeezNation"?
Please note that animations bought in MeezMaker will not work in MeezNation/Roomz

calou wrote: View Post

ohlala! There has been directories made before but it wasn't as clear and precise as what you did very greatly awesome!! Congrats to that, very good initiative you had! That'll surely help a lot of meezers! Ps you eserved my support for how great it is!

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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Wow, the best tutorial about animations ever! This is going to be a great guide for the newbies. Excellent job!
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Wow great thread not confusing or anything
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Thats great, but where do you get the wave dancing animation at?
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

karimes wrote: View Post

Wow, the best tutorial about animations ever! This is going to be a great guide for the newbies. Excellent job!


cutegir911 wrote: View Post

wow great thread not confusing or anything


scene_kisses_95 wrote: View Post

thats great, but where do you get the wave dancing animation at?

As far as i know, the wave dancing is a VIP animation for the male avatars in the MeezNation; but this animation is available in the MeezMaker for both the female & male avatars
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Default Re: Animations in Meez Nation

Wow..i like this thread

now i know clear

and now i can

easy find where i can buy animation..

well thanks

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